Air BnB Partners

Want to give your Guests something to really sip on?

Blackboard Coffee Roasters offer a huge range of Brew Gear, Machinery & Coffee to get your Air BnB Guests loving the coffee in their home away from home. From espresso machine and grinders, french presses, pour overs and more, we can assist with the set up and everything in between to make your Air BnB a stand out at the brew station. 

We take the stress of ordering off you hands with our hassle free Subscriptions for all you favourite coffee choices, which all include 20% OFF every shipment, delivered straight to the door. 

Air BnB Partners also get endless support for all your brewing needs and social media endorsement to assist boosting your profile, including custom printed cards, for Brewing Guides & Welcoming Letters, and more. 

For more information on how we can help, please email

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