Blackboard Story

Blackboard Coffee Roasters

Nick Pearce landed on the Gold Coast at 18 fresh from working as a barista in his home town Melbourne. He struggled to find a decent cup of coffee or anywhere to work locally. He found himself travelling to Brisbane many times a week between university classes to seek out good cup of coffee, Nick found a cafe called Cup Coffee that was roasting their own coffee in house and owned by a really nice guy, Josh Russell. They quickly became friends through their mutual love of coffee.

Nick thinking that something needed to be done about the coffee scene on the Gold Coast, approached his family for a small loan to open an espresso bar next to campus in Varsity Lakes where he was studying. Knowing that he wanted to educate his customers on where their coffee came from and how it ended up in their cup, the name ‘Blackboard’ was born.

5 days after his 19th birthday the doors to Blackboard Coffee opened on Jan 8th 2011. It was an espresso machine, some tables, Nick, a friend & his mum baking muffins. Which she’d later become locally famous for and endearingly referred to as the muffin lady.

Word spread quickly!

It turned out others, like Nick, were seeking out the casual and authentic atmosphere with exciting, quality coffees coming from all over the globe with different flavours.

During the first few years Nick continued to visit Josh a learn more about how their coffee was roasted and which coffees his customers really seemed to enjoy. The natural progression and interest in the source and origins of the coffee lead Nick to ask Josh if he’d teach him how to roast. Due to their mutual love for the ethics and quality of specialty coffee Josh willing taught Nick to roast even though it meant he would loose a valuable wholesale customer.

Blackboard opened the doors to the roasters on December 2013, initially to only roast in house and for their 3 shops. As the popularity grew for the coffee, other cafes approached Blackboard to use their beans. After starting some successful wholesale relationships and enjoying the dynamic of working with other business owners on their cafes and teaching their baristas to make coffee Nick decided that this was where he wanted to focus his attention.

Whilst still owning his first cafe, Nick partnered with then head chef and general manager, Marc, to focus on the cafe operation so Nick could focus all of his attention on the coffee roasting side of the business. Currently operating out of Burleigh Heads in QLD Blackboard supplies over 35 cafes and imports over 50 tonne of specialty grade coffee from coffee farms around the world within a focus on quality, relationships, transparency & sustainability. The hope for the future is to grow organically and create a community of people that are proud to be working with Blackboard and of the quality it represents from seed to cup!

“Blackboard continues to be about keeping it real and supplying good coffee to good people. We are continually trying to strengthen our relationships with our coffee farmers, wholesale partners and coffee drinkers while being leaders in the way we conduct our business. We are excited about the future and look forward growing our community of stoked coffee drinkers. We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do!” - Nick Pearce ‘Founder’