5-Star Pro Iron Bark Tamp
5-Star Pro Iron Bark Tamp
5-Star Pro Iron Bark Tamp
5-Star Pro Iron Bark Tamp

5-Star Pro Iron Bark Tamp

This flat base 5 Star Pro features a beautiful, naturally textured, recycled Australian Iron Bark timber handle. All the timber handles are individually hand-turned on a wood lathe and made to order.

All timbers classified ‘Iron Bark’ vary in shade across the colour spectrum, and your tamper handle’s timber would have its own unique variations. Natural imperfections give the wood character, and don’t represent fault – we shape to the natural grain of the timber. These handles are finished by hand and are coated with shellac.

Like all our 5 Star Pro’s, the levelling plate keeps your tamping level by sitting on the top of the filter basket as you press down on ground coffee. The amount of pressure you apply is controlled by a pre-calibrated spring inside the tamper itself.

Please note: given the unique timber variations, the colour of the handle shipped will vary from that displayed online. Please bear this in mind when placing your order.

Product specifics:

This 5 Star Pro comes fully assembled, and features:

  • A hand-turned, Iron Bark timber handle with brass ring – suitable for all hand sizes
  • A flat compression base (default size is 7.5mm thick)
  • A 58.5mm Diameter
  • A star-shaped levelling plate
  • A calibrated spring (15kg standard spring)
  • A levelling plate spring (to ensure the plate returns to its starting position)

Each tamper also comes with:

  • A cleaning bag
  • An additional 10kg spring (coloured red) and 7kg spring (coloured blue)
  • A coffee dosing cup (holds 22g of coffee)