Being A Dad With Nick & Kyle

To celebrate all that is being a dad is, for this Father's Day, we sat down with the two dads that run this show, Nick our Director & Kyle our General manager to understand the highs of fatherhood and what advice they would give to upcoming dads. 
father's day
The greatest part about being a dad?
KYLE: Being a dad is my favourite role yet! You can’t name one thing. The look of pure joy on his face when he does something awesome, the sleepy cuddles, hiding out in cubby houses running away from imaginary “cranky bears”.
NICK: It’s no secret I LOVE BEING A DAD! I think I’ve finally found what I wanted to be when I grow up haha! The best part is finally having a reason to see the world through children’s eyes. I don’t take being a ‘grown-up’ to seriously because we are only here for a short time we should do our best to enjoy each day as it comes. Going on adventures with my wife and best friend Soph my daughters Poppy (2.5) and Goldie (7months) is what I live for. We find so much joy in learning, exploring, falling, dusting ourselves off and trying again that it teaches me about being creative with what you’ve got and embracing each day. One of the things I’m really proud of as part of being a Dad is creating a business culture that prioritises relationships to give our team flexibility when they need to to be there for their family, friends and loves ones.
father's day
What have you learned since becoming a dad?
KYLE: Your children are sponges and they learn from your actions, not your intentions.
NICK: As cliche as it sounds your kids grow up FAST so they highlight life is short and if you don’t enjoy the now it will pass you by. Don’t be living a life you don’t love waiting for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow because chances are it’s not there.
father's day
What advice would you pass on to a soon to be dad?
KYLE: Move aside when changing your newborns nappy, you may be in the firing line!
NICK: Spend time getting clear on the type of Dad you want to be. The only road map we have is our experience as a kid or observing other friends parents or maybe close friends parenting. What did you love about your childhood, what did you not? What characteristics do you feel you need as an adult to be whole and how can you nature your child to develop these for themselves? Ask yourselves these hard questions and you’ll find some gems that you can help create the world and environment you want for your little ones.
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  • I have had a ball being Dad to my son Kyle so much so that we are best mates and have no problem sharing everything with each other, continually bouncing ideas off each other, I look forward to making or receiving the weekly calls, it’s hard being so far away from each other and watching my grandson become a great person like his Dad, I’m so proud of how you have matured into a fine up standing gentleman who loves his family and would walk over hot coals to get them to safety.
    So proud of you mate xxx
    Love Dad ( Old Fella all of the above ha ha answer to anything!!! )

    Christopher Graham on

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