CAFE PARTNERS: The Bakers Duck

For this weeks feature we sat down with the legendary Bakers Duck — A collaborative venture between two pioneer hospitality families in Toowoomba. The speciality coffee of @groundupespresso and the artisan sourdough and pastries of @thebakersduck collide. If you're heading north this is not one to miss.
the bakers duck cafe partner
Firstly, what’s your go-to coffee?
I'm on a caffeine cleanse at the moment, so chamomile tea. Pre & post cleanse always short and black.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and how the cafe came to be?
As with most good things in life it was just a matter of right people, right place, right time.
the bakers duck cafe partner
Why did you choose Blackboard Coffee?
We were just really eager to support another small business run by like-minded young guns, rather than grease the pockets of the big boys - and their coffee's delicious.
What are your passions outside of coffee?
You mean we're allowed to have a life outside coffee?! Shit, we've been doing it wrong.
the bakers duck cafe partner
If someone were to visit Toowoomba, what are the hidden gems around your area?
If you're into pastries, big parks and downhill mountain biking - Toowoomba got you covered.
Lastly, If you could invite one person for a coffee who would it be and why?
Malcolm Gladwell. Why? #revisionisthistory


the bakers duck cafe partner

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