Our Story

Good coffee good people

Where it all began

Nick Pearce landed on the Gold Coast at 18 fresh from working as a barista in his home town Melbourne. He struggled to find a decent cup of coffee or anywhere to work locally. He found himself travelling to Brisbane many times a week to seek out a good cup of coffee, and he found a cafe that was roasting their own coffee in house and educating their customers on where the coffee came from. Eager to learn more about the origins of coffee and the process it had to go through, Nick decided to learn how to roast. After a few months of perfecting the skill and drinking way too much coffee, Blackboard Coffee Roasters was born.


Coffee Roastery Opening

Where are we now

Good Coffee, Good People.

We are passionate about sourcing good coffee from farmers around the globe that embody quality, ethical and sustainable growing practices.

Surrounding ourselves with good people. From our farmers, our suppliers, to our staff and our customers.

Combining our love for Good Coffee and the company of Good People over these years our community of like minded people has flourished. Operating in the heart of gods country Burleigh Heads in QLD, Blackboard Coffee Roasters now supplies our delicious coffee to over 40 cafes home baristas around the world.


Building on relationships

Where we're going

Blackboard continues to be about keeping it real and supplying good coffee to good people. We are continually trying to strengthen our relationships with our coffee farmers, wholesale partners and coffee drinkers while being leaders in the way we conduct our business. We are excited about the future and look forward growing our community of stoked coffee drinkers. We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do  - Nick Pearce ‘Founder’