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I remember the first moment thirteen years ago in Perth that my interest in coffee began. It was an extremely busy day in the cafe I worked in and the very talented barista (you know who you are) needed a hand from this coffee rookie. He gave me the simple task of loading the hopper of the machine with more coffee beans. As I opened a big fresh bag of coffee I was hit by the delicious aroma of roasted beans. Needless to say this tea and hot chocolate drinker was no longer.

Over the next eight years I sipped coffee and worked in many incredible venues across Melbourne and Canada. It became apparent that my love for coffee was about more than just the taste. The enjoyment came from the environment I was in, the quality of the experience and the people I was sharing it with. I am interested in all the sensory aspects of coffee. The smell, taste, feel and how they all come together to create a complete experience. Nothing beats that feeling of wrapping your hands around a warm mug for that first sip of coffee on a cold morning. 

In 2019 I moved to the Northern rivers, where Bayleaf Cafe became my home. It has it all, the delicious food, the good vibes, the best team and of course epic coffee. It was here my little hobby was encouraged and we started serving up batch brew in my wheel thrown mugs. I was excited to shift from serving the coffee to creating the vessel as my way of contributing to the experience. 

Working with baristas and cafe owners for years has given me a good understanding of their practical needs. I enjoy the relationship created through the collaborative process of designing ceramic pieces that are specific to their ideas and style and true to my expression as a maker. 

I have been incredibly lucky to work with hospitality and ceramic professionals who genuinely care about the quality of what they do, how they do it and who they work with. These relationships are so important to me as they serve as a continued connection to the world of hospitality and creativity that has played a huge role in my life. 

I have recently been working on something super unique and special for a collab with Blackboard Coffee Roasters, so stay tuned for this drop!


Dropping 8am Friday 08 October.

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