Good People Chats EP.4 with Simon Goodburn

We are stoked to bring to you our YouTube series, #goodpeoplechats where we sit down, chat and have a coffee with the good people in our community. For episode four we sat down with @simongoodburn.
Simon is a craftsman in every sense of the word. He designs bespoke heirlooms and fine jewellery for his brand Ribs & Dust while working closely with his father in law Geoff, who you might remember from our first chat, running an expedition company. With so many things on the go, Simon shares with us his passion for adventure and the incredible story of how Ribs & Dust was born.
"Coincidently, I do have a blackboard subscription for filter coffee but my favourite thing is the flavour journey. Whether I'm drinking wine or whisky I am always trying to decipher the nuances within them. Typically I'll brew up a Chemex as I love the ritual of making it. Its a slow brew and you have to be patient but I'm always stinging to get that first sip."
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