Meet the newest addition to the Blackboard Family, Black Drop Cafe in Pottsville. This family-owned business has been a dream of theirs for a while and we can't wait for you to get to know them. Here is James & Emily for our Cafe Partner Series. 
Black Drop Cafe Partner Series
 Firstly, what’s your go-to coffee?
An Espresso or big fruity filter
Tell us a little bit about yourself and how the cafe came to be?
I was an athlete throughout my 20s so hospitality allowed me the flexibility to be away a lot. Then I soon realised how much I loved hospitality and that incredible feeling of being apart of a community that revolves around your local cafe. My wife and I wanted our kids to grow up here in paradise in the northern rivers and have had Black Drop in the making for some time. We have been searching for the perfect fit and Pottsville was chosen because of the community-minded spirit and incredible access to the creek, beaches and hinterland.
Why did you choose Blackboard Coffee? 
We have always loved Blackboard coffee, we were on a flight juggling the kiddos at the same time Nick was juggling kiddos and we got chatting about food, travel and coffee. It was meant to be. There was an instant connection with everything that Blackboard is all about.
What are your passions outside of coffee? 
Time with my family and friends and getting outdoors......Camping and cooking on the open fire, snorkelling and ocean time and we love finishing the day with a sunset beer or two at the beach.
If someone were to visit Pottsville, what are the hidden gems around your area?  
The creek is incredible, the beaches are private and stunning and the hinterland is at our doorstep. The town has that iconic Australian beachside village feel.

Lastly, If you could invite one person for a coffee who would it be and why?
Coffee with Bill Murray would be pretty interesting and no doubt full of laughs.

Follow their journey @black_drop_cafe

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