1. Boil filtered water 
    2. With the boiling, wet your filter paper inside the filter cap 
    3. Place the plunger into the main AeroPress Chamber just above the #4 mark, then place the AeroPress upside down on a flat surface.
    4. Add one levelled off scoop, which is provided with your AeroPress, or 15g of medium course grind Filter Coffee into the AeroPress chamber.
    5. Slowly pour 250g or until nearly full of the boiled water in a circular motion into the open end of the AeroPress
    6. Slowly agitate & stir the water through the coffee with the provided stirrer
    7. Let the Coffee brew for 2 mins
    8. Screw the filter cap onto the AeroPress 
    9. Grab your mug & place it over the filter cap, then flip the device upside down so the mug is now on a flat surface
    10. Press down slowly & evenly until you hear the release of air
    11. Enjoy your brew!

Brew Gear List: