We’re dedicated to delivering good coffee to good people both locally and globally. This week we introduce to you a new kind of partner.  We’ve partnered with the legends from @thefarmfolk to bring you a stunning organic certified single-origin coffee from the highlands in Papua New Guinea. 

 Firstly, what's your go-to coffee?

I can't beat a latte with a little chocolate sprinkle haha.

How did The Farm Folk Start?

It all started with George's mum selling farm-fresh produce, direct from the paddocks to the community. A roadside shack is all that was needed. It evolved into a health hub, where the dedicated would come to shop the freshest organic food. Although a romantic notion, George could see that driving from farm to farm was impossible for most families. From this was spawned the idea of 'The Farm Folk' - a farmers market at your fingertips; producers we trust, brands we love, weekly essentials we can't live without all in one place...That's the vision anyway hehe.

Fresh produce

What sparked your interest in offering organic coffee to your customers?

Coffee is the currency in Australia...Or so it seems. The demand was high and we wanted to bring on a producer we could trust to provide a transparent story and a high-quality bean - for us, there was only one place to go & our customers love it!

What are your passions outside of coffee?

If the surfs up we're out there. If it's not we're playing tennis. If the courts are booked out we're cycling in the valley. If it's pouring with rain and freezing cold we'll be reading a book....That just about covers it.

Produce Box

Living on the Gold Coast, what are the little hidden gems around your area?

Our warehouse is in Brisbane but we live on the coast... We live for Currumbin's alley and the valley - We actually love a little coffee shop out in the valley called Pasture & Co - definitely worth the drive from wherever you may be and wherever you may roam.

 Lastly, If you could invite one person for a coffee who would it be and why?

Rich Roll. The man is a walking, talking, living legend. He was the biggest influence on me looking at my body and the world around me in a different light. I remember when I first stumbled across his podcast in 2016 I wanted to live in a tent, eat organic veggies and run marathons too! Would be great to share a coffee and a couple of laps in the pool.

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