Good People Chats EP.1 with Dr Geoff Wilson

We are stoked to finally introduce to you our YouTube series, #goodpeoplechats. In this series, we sit down, chat and have a coffee with the good people in our community. To kick things off we sat down with @drgeoffwilsilson. Based on the sand in Currumbin Valley, Geoff is a polar explorer who holds the record for the longest solo unsupported polar journey in the world. Grab a brew and strap in to listen to his stories of wild adventures, near-death experiences and the behind the scenes logistics of polar explorations. Geoff wears many hats in his life but above all, Geoff is a bloody good human. 

Throughout Geoffs travels he was fuelled by our Instant Coffee. We think he couldn't have dont it without it, right Geoff? Stay fuelled on your next adventure with our Instant Coffee. 

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