How to make ‘espresso’ based coffees

1. Finely grind 20grams of coffee roaster for espresso

2. Remove the porta filter from the machine and run some water manually through the group head

3. Dry filter basket and place 20g of coffee into basket

4. Ensure coffee is evenly dispersed throughout the basket and then place group onto a flat surface and tamp.

5. Carefully insert into the machine and place a cup on brewing scales and tare them off

6. Start timer and flow of water

7. Stop flow of water once espresso volume reached 40g

This should be achieved in 30 - 40secs. If your shot finished too early (e.g. 20secs) then you need to make your grind finer to slow the flow of water through your coffee. If your shot finished too late (e.g. 50secs then you need to make your grind more course. Ensure when you are changing your grind you discard some coffee to ensure the change has come through as most grinders will have some retention.


How to clean your espresso machine