Introducing Barefoot Bowls Co, one of our newest partners to come on board and spread the love for Good Coffee and delicious Smoothie Bowls with the locals down in their fully decked out caravan over looking the stunning views of the Duranbah Beach.

Firstly, what’s your go-to coffee?

Nic, small double shot cappuccino
Tam, small iced latte (in summer) or a small cappuccino with a little bit of honey! (Our SexHoney brand to be exact haha) 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how the cafe came to be?

Nic was an electrician and still does it on the side. Tam was a preschool teacher. Both wanting a change in lifestyle and to do something different, we had a small seed idea of building a vintage caravan and starting our own business. With our love for coffee, acai bowls and the beach we dreamed of opening our vintage caravan as close to the water as possible, where people could enjoy their bowls and coffee straight from the surf, in there bare feet! Hence the name ‘Barefoot Bowls Co.’ 
6 Months down the track and we can finally start seeing our dream for the caravan take shape.

Why did you choose Blackboard Coffee? 

One of our Friends that owns a cafe told us that if we open the caravan in the tweed coast/ Gold Coast area that we have to use Blackboard. Safe to say after trying it we were hooked! The relationship we have with the team is just a bonus!

What are your Passions out side of Coffee?

Besides good food and Coffee! The beach is definitely our happy place. From beach sunrises with our morning coffee, surfing, taking our 2 dogs, riding our bikes along the beach, to headland sunset beers with our mates.

If someone was to visit Tweed Coast / Gold Coast, what are some hiidne gems in the area?

One of our recommendations would be grabbing a coffee and Smoothie bowl from the caravan and enjoying it on the beach at Dbah, then walking up the the point danger lookout which looks over dbah, north Fingal and the mouth of the tweed river, as well as rainbow bay, all the way around to the skyline of Surfs Paradise. 

Lastly, if you could invite one person for a coffee who would it be and why?

Each other! To be honest, there’s nothing we love more than starting our day having a coffee together watching the sunrise before we open the caravan. 

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