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We’re dedicated to delivering good coffee to good people both locally and globally. This week we interviewed Dan behind Bayleaf down in beautiful Byron Bay. This pumping cafe is one of the most iconic breakfast destinations in the Northern Rivers.
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Byron Bay, New South Wales
Dan, Nikki, Trenton & Jesse 
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1. How did Bayleaf start?

Bayleaf has been a staple in the Byron community for 13 years! We have had it for the last 7 years and were lucky enough to come into it when Byron started booming. Bayleaf in its original state was a very local very small cafe taking up a tiny shopfront on Marvel st. We had maybe 30 seats and everything was cooked and prepped and served out of a tiny kitchen probably smaller than most home kitchens. As we got busier and busier the shops next to us over the next few years became available and we had the opportunity to expand our seating and redesign our space. Every business is a big journey and Bayleaf is no different. We have taught ourselves many lessons over the last 7 years and enjoyed the highs and lows of all things hospo in an incredibly dynamic and ever-evolving business. We love it and we are very proud of Bayleaf.

 2. Why did you choose Blackboard Coffee?

Choosing Blackboard was an easy decision for us as we already had an existing relationship with Nick and knew his coffee, ethos and business practices were in alignment with ours. From there it was just about settling on a blend we were happy with and getting the ball rolling.

bayleaf cafe byron bay coffee

3. What is the best part about owning/operating Bayleaf?
Cafes are people driven so a love of people is essential in a successful hospitality business. Building a team and surrounding yourself with like-minded, kind and engaging staff is truly satisfying. Developing a culture that customers vibe off is incredibly rewarding and these in themselves make coming to work highly enriching and enjoyable. Providing an incredible experience through space, sound, food and drinks and then receiving instant feedback on a daily basis is incredibly rewarding for us.
4. To combat these current times how have you adapted your business?

Bayleaf decided not to close our take away shop and adapt to the situation as fast as we could. We initially added a selection of take-home meals and changed our catering site into an ordering and delivery platform. We also started a community food box initiative with all our suppliers to deliver a weeks worth of food to those in need through a nomination process so it would also connect the community at large. And finally, we started a pop style dinner on Friday nights as a take-home 3-course rotating international cuisine option.

Bayleaf cafe byron bay

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