CAFE PARTNERS: Griffith Street Larder

We’re dedicated to delivering good coffee to good people both locally and globally. Each week we will be showcasing the legends that hand you your daily brew. This week we interviewed the woman behind Griffith Street Larder in Coolangatta to learn how it came to be and what they're doing to combat such unprecedented times.
Coolangatta, Queensland
November 2014
Kylie Bastos
Seasonal Espresso Blend
Coolangatta coffee
1. How did Griffith Street Larder start?

We had sold a cafe in inner-city Melbourne that we’d been working very hard at for 10 years. We needed a change and loved the style of Larder but didn’t know anything about Coolangatta. When we came to slope out our prospects, we discovered the Gold Coast’s best-kept secret from us Southerners. My ex-husband and I took over in February 2016 and saw the potential of the business with hands-on owners. I’ve never looked back and have met the most beautiful customers and staff over the years, whom I treasure.

2. Why did you choose Blackboard Coffee?

I have chosen to stick with Blackboard Coffee throughout my entire journey at Larder. This is for a few reasons. I love the product and the care that goes into creating a high-quality end result. I love the company’s evolving attitude to businesses and trends. I adore the design concepts. My customers love our coffee. Goodwill and return clientele means the world to me. Lastly, I want to support local and a growing family.

Larder Coolangatta Cafe

3. What is the best part about owning/operating Larder?

The best part are the relationships; between my staff who I care for as my family, between my suppliers who are great people but customers are EPIC and I’ve made so many close friends over the years. It’s humbling to be part of their lives.

4. To combat these current times how have you adapted your business?

The current times have seen me drop my staff by half and I’m lucky I can operate out of our hatch window at a distance. Unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit I was knocked down by Influenza A and had to close for a short while. We opened again two weeks ago. It’s really slow in Cooly with the border control so I’m relying on Take away and Uber Eats and we are ticking over.....just waiting on some communication from Landlords to ease some financial stress one thing I know for sure. Larder will rise again. I need to weather the storm and I know it will one day, return semi-normal.


Coolangatta coffee and takeaway food

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