Colour Coffee Cards - Guiding you to a better tasting experience.

Establishing a connection to where each particular coffee comes from, we have loved displaying a vast array of images on our “Roasters Pick” cards over the years, providing a little window to origin with every brew.

We’ve been scratching our heads lately, wondering if there’s any way we can further improve the coffee-tasting experience, while still maintaining a window back to origin with every coffee. We are excited to release colour-coded “Roaster's Pick” cards while retaining a connection back to origin through images on our site for you to view as well.

Ever tasted something and thought, that tastes Pink! Or, Purple! Or, Orange? You’re not crazy… phewww. Colours are associated with and represent particular flavours, for example, if something has a “red flavour profile” it could be associated with a strawberry-like flavour. Taste is subjective, so through the use of colours displayed on the card, we are aiming to highlight the primary tasting notes of each particular coffee giving added clarity and further enhancing the experience of drinking delicious coffee!

But where do these colours actually come from? The ‘Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel’ is one of the world’s largest collaborative pieces of research ever completed in the world of coffee, establishing an entirely new vocabulary for industry professionals over several decades of Coffee Wheel iterations. During a cupping session, the Wheel helps guide our flavour profiles to find what we’re looking for.

 We hope these new cards help to better enhance and guide you through your coffee-tasting experience! Stay tuned for these to drop very soon!

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