In the face of these uncertain times, your continuous support means a lot to us and our cafe partners. Like us, most of our partners are small businesses who are feeling the heat with the current state of affairs, that's why we wanted to show our support in any way we can.

Below are some of the steps we are making within our businesses to survive the current climate and perhaps some of these can help other small businesses too. 

We are:

— Prioritising profitability 

— Talking to our accountant/bookkeeper

— Keeping key people employed where feasible 

— Implementing revenue-driving initiatives (e.g home delivery, more takeaway suitable items)

— Implementing a four-week plan if we find it financially beneficial to close our doors

— Planning for what it might look like when trade goes back to normal, people will financially be feeling the pinch but want to socialise and prioritise local business like our/yours. Be ready to show up for them and tailor your offering to suit their needs. What does that look like for our customers? 

Gov PAYG incentives:

Call your accountant and discuss what government kickback might be looking at as it relates to your PAYG withholding for full-time employees.

If personal or commercially renting:

Call your landlord today and ask for payments to be deferred and lease end date to be pushed back (if your landlord has a mortgage it will most likely be deferred for 6 months).

If you have a mortgage:

Call your bank today and ask for payments to be deferred for 6 months. 

If you have a personal loan/credit card:

Call your provider today and ask for payments to be deferred 6months due to hardship.

Apply for a government loan:

Head to your state's website and fill out the form to get some cash to see you rebuild on the other side of this.
For QLD you can visit


You’re not alone, we will get through this and most importantly you can always drop us a line on social and email.

Please note: This is in no way financial advice these are only the steps we are taking within our business to navigate these times. 

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