What is a “Single Origin” Coffee?

What does "Single Origin”, or for the cool cats “Single O” Mean?

With the emergence of the “Specialty Coffee Scene’ over the past decade, we are seeing more variety than ever before when it comes to choosing a coffee to brew. To put it simply, “Single Origin" is a term used in coffee to describe a coffee from one particular country of origin and are typically associated with particular origins having their own unique flavour profiles. 

Does that mean all coffees from a particular origin are the same?

This is where the term “single origin” becomes a bit broad. Now days with the ever increasing connectivity in the world, we are able to trace a majority of coffees we purchase down to the specific region where it was grown in and in some cases all the way down to the specific farmer that produced a particular lot of coffee. With each coffee producing origin having a vast array of farmers situated in different climates, with different growing conditions, varied varietals of coffee growing and a multitude of ways to process coffee to manipulate particular flavour profiles, we are able to experience a vast and diverse array of different flavours from different coffees produced within a single origin. 

Are your “Roasters Picks” coffees all “Single Origins”?

We love relationships, and want to keep as much connection back to the people behind the coffees we are roasting. With the ever increasing levels of traceability we are able to achieve in this day and age, it allows us to represent a majority of our “Roasters Pick” coffees after the name of the Producer/ Washing Station/ Region it was grown in, as the term "single origin” is just too broad. With such a diverse array of unique coffees coming from different producers, regions & countries it would be an injustice simply label a coffee as just “Colombia” and leave the producers in the shadows of a product of which their hard work is what makes it possible for us to have access to these delicious coffees that we are able to enjoy daily.

Now that we’ve delved into what a “Single Origin” is, how about grabbing a delicious bag of Single Producer coffee and get around a brew!

Written by Luke Romer - Head Roaster

09, 2022

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