What is an Espresso Blend? Why are Coffees Blended?

What even is an Espresso Blend? 

To break it down simply, for us at Blackboard Coffee Roasters, an “Espresso Blend” is a mixture of two or more different coffees, specifically sourced for their unique individual characteristics desired for espresso, roasted individually to ensure each coffee is roasted to the desired degree, followed by being blended together in a specific ratio to create our ideal “Espresso Blend” to highlight certain characteristics that are suited to concentrated brewing as espresso to created a sweet and delicious layered experience that captures the best of several coffees. 

Why are coffees blended? 

This is a great topic without a simple clear cut answer as there can be a number of reasons behind why coffees are blended by a coffee roaster, but we can tell you why we blend coffees first and foremost, and that reason is flavour! At Blackboard Coffee Roasters our blends are created with coffees of which have been specifically selected by us for their individual characteristics that compliment one another at particular ratios to create our ideal representation of a blend of high quality, ethically sourced seasonal coffees from around the world to create a delicious espresso blend to be enjoyed daily with or without milk. 

How the heck are Coffees Blended?

There are two main ways that a blend is achieved by a coffee roaster. At Blackboard Coffee Roasters we practice what’s known as “Post-Roast Blending”. With “Post-Roast Blending" each coffee is roasted individually to ensure each coffee is roasted to bring out and unlock as much of the desired characteristics and potential from of each coffee before they are blended  to a specific ratio.  

The other method to achieve a blend is known as “pre-blending” which is where the coffee is blended together as green coffee prior to roasting and is roasted all together in a single batch. 

Now that we know the in’s and out of what an "Espresso Blend" is and why its created, its time to grab a bag of your favourite espresso blend and get brewing!


Written by Luke Romer - Head Roaster

08, 2022

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